Stone Solution Center is an innovative company established by multidisciplinary people with experience in all fields from factory production to quarry ownership, as well as a 25-year of sales experience in the marble sector.

To offer the best options to its customers, it actively cooperates with 98 factories and multiplies its business partners day by day.
It can supply all mines such as travertine, marble, limestone, onyx, beige marble as slabs, tiles, and pavers, and can process all products in architectural designs.

Stone Solution Center follows the trends by participating in fairs in Turkey and abroad. It always tries to expand its perspective.
Currently, it provides supply services to its customers in America, Canada, China, Russia, Austria, European countries, and the Middle East.

As a company, its main difference and advantage is its developing audit and distribution network. It provides this thanks to the mutual trust and experience has build with the partner companies for many years.

Our sales process is like this:

Every stage of your orders is supervised: from block selection to factory work to crating and loading.

Stone Solution Center, your global stone partner…


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